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Hammerschlagen drinking game rules

Hammerschlagen is a great fun games involving nails and hammers, so what could be better. Got to stay cool after all. Hammerschlagen is a German game reportedly dating from ,] in which several contestants try to hammer a nail into a stump. Both versions are essentially the same, Nailspielen is played with an axe, Hammerschlagen is played with a hammer.

Cottonwood is suitably soft for this game. The hammer must have a wedge-shaped but not sharp end on it and should be at least 2. The log is set up waist high with the flat sides facing the floor and ceiling.

The swing must be done in a smooth up and down motion. Male players must use one hand. Female players may use both hands. Frequently, a player will bend their nail in such a way as to make driving it further nearly impossible.

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In this case, the player may use their turn to make a single-motion swing at the nail from the side in an attempt to straighten the nail. You are not required to stand in the same place for the entire game. Often it is necessary to switch sides of the log to get a better angle on your nail. Play continues to the right and lasts until one player has driven the head of their nail to or below the surface of the wood.

Conversely, the last player to drive his nail into the wood might be forced to buy the next round of drinks. Nailspielen is a northern German game. Traditionally, the sharp end of an axe was held against the vertical edge of the slab, and swung at stag nails. In some German taverns this game sits in a corner and losers are bound to buy the next round. Nailspielen made its way to the United States in the mid-twentieth century.

Another derivation of Hammerschlagen in the United States is called Stump game. Stump has several large deviations from the rules of Hammerschlagen, primarily that the goal is not to drive your nail in first, but to be the last to have their nail drive into the stump. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Proudly Powered by:. Home Schedule Directions Contact. From Wikipedia: Hammerschlagen is a German game reportedly dating from ,] in which several contestants try to hammer a nail into a stump. See ya at Cornfest and bring your best Hammerschagen game.Our trade dress [1] gives rise to the elements found in our logo [2].

hammerschlagen drinking game rules

Officially, our trade dress is described as a three-dimensional trademark comprised of a cylindrical cross-section of a tree with nails positioned around the outer circumference of its upward facing flat circular surface and a cross-peen hammer [3]. Note, however, that our trade dress need not encompass these exact elements; anything confusingly similar may also be considered our trade dress.

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Hammer-Schlagen Stump. Trademark Official Gazette. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. List of Native Big Trees. Minnesota Secretary Of State. Let's Play Hammer-Schlagen. Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Get Hammered. Get Nailed. Got Wood. We claim copyright to the text "hammerschlagen" which we used in interstate commerce at least as early as by affixing it on apparel and printed literature as well as our use of the text on the Internet and in print advertising.

United States Copyright Office. Hammer-Schlagen Rules. TX Stump is a favorite among college students, especially at Penn State, and is played in the forests or on farms throughout the Pennsyltucky region. Each player must hammer a nail halfway into the stump, so that it can stand on its own without falling out.

If sparks fly from the strike, everyone drinks. And if the player misses, he or she must drink. There are plenty of rules, conditions, and other nuances of the game, but it all varies by region.

A course is set, usually around a lake or field — the distance is typically 5km to 15km. The objective of the game is to not only be the first team to cross the finish line, but the first team to do it with a finished case of beer.

hammerschlagen drinking game rules

There are plenty of strategies: Teams can finish the beer first then run the course; run the course and finish the beer just before crossing the finish line; or have one person drink while the other person carries the case, switching off throughout the course.

But most Germans who play the sport carry the case together, and both teammates drink and run simultaneously. In a game called Tiger Has Come, Russians combine gambling with heavy drinking.

To play, everyone sits at a table and places their bet on the table. The winner gets to keep the money but also must host the next game and supply the vodka. To play, drinkers need a glass of beer, fingers, and math skills. Players begin by holding up a certain number of fingers behind their backs.

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Each player tries to guess the combined number of fingers being held up. Whoever guesses the closest to the correct answer gets to enjoy their victory by watching the losers drink. The game heats up the longer it progresses, as math skills become compromised the more players drink! Like most drinking games, this one exists purely because there was nothing else better to do at the time of its invention. In the Jackson Hole Air Force, a secret ski club in Wyoming, was trapped in a bar waiting out a blizzard.

Naturally, to pass the time, club members spent their entrapment drinking. With every order, the bartender would slide a freshly poured draft down the bar for the patron to catch.Bringing Stump to the masses since August Last Updated December 2 Stump is alive and well in Japan.

Rules of Play. The following is WorldStump. There are some who may disagree with certain rules.

STUMP Drinking Game

This page is therefore open to criticism of any kind. If you believe we have defiled the game or otherwise thrown potential Stump newcomers off course, please let us know. Equipment 1.

Hammerschlagen 101 in time for Oktoberfest

Hammer: All hammer types are acceptable. Wooden-handled hammers are the most traditional, but they can often begin to break after multiple games. Should you choose to use wooden, take special care to monitor the strength of the neck regularly. Nails: All nails are acceptable, however, 4-to 6-inch nails are ideal.

You should have enough for one nail per person per game Exception: Team Games. Feel free to experiment with different nail lengths depending on your skill level and stump type see stump specifications below. Stump: The stump should be sturdy enough to withstand topside blows without falling over.

The stump should stand approximately knee-level or just slightly lower and have a flat top surface.

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The best stumps have a wide surface area so as to accommodate the greatest number of games as more and more nails are driven in. Stumps with rotten wood or varying surface textures should be avoided, as this can result in one player gaining an advantage over his opponents due to his nail location. Different types of wood make for games of varying length and difficulty.

For example, some wood types are soft enough for a solid hit to drive a 4-inch nail completely into the stump and thus, in some cases, eliminate a player who has not yet taken a single turnwhile other types are hard enough to necessitate several powerful blows before the nail is fully sunk.This is a guide to the drinking game stump.

But first things first:.

hammerschlagen drinking game rules

Obviously this game is full of things you should not do and are dangerous Things like. Large stump or log you want a log thats about knee height or slightly higher. Basic goal is to drive all of your competitors nails flush with the surface of the stump and only have your nail remaining.

You must earn swings of the hammer by flipping your hammer and catching it. If you can not catch the hammer or catch it off of the grip area you must drink and you forfeit your turn.

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You can earn multiple swings of your hammer by flipping it more than once or by using a multiplier flip. But if you miss a attempt at multiplier you must drink the number of times you were trying for.

The swing is intended to be preformed without the advantage of aiming. The hammer is swung in one smooth steady motion. The swing starts with the 1 hammer head below the surface of the stump to 2 over your head then 3 to strike the target nail. Try to drive the nail into the stump in one shot.

Really love the drawings, but the instructions are a little off. This is the middle school way to play. Austrias Number one drinking game Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. Still a bit unclear of the rules. Do you choose any competitor's nail to hit? What happens when your nail is pummeled? I realize you drink but do you still get a turn to swing?

Reply 5 years ago.

hammerschlagen drinking game rules

By zaphod07 Follow. More by the author:. But first things first: Here is your warning: Obviously this game is full of things you should not do and are dangerous Things like Drinking excessively Swinging a hammer while drinking excessively Throwing hammers while drinking excessively Things to try not to do: Hit yourself in the head with your hammer Get hit in the head by someone else's hammer Point at someones nail - hard to do, even harder to do when drunk I have seen fingers almost lost Generally smash or hit any body part with your hammer.

Now thats out of the way. Items you need: Large stump or log you want a log thats about knee height or slightly higher Hammer with a grip either painted on or rubber Nails about 4 or 5 inches long Drinks lots Brave drunk people friends Possible head protection From throwing hammers. How to execute: You must earn swings of the hammer by flipping your hammer and catching it. A multiplier flip: 1x flip: Flip the hammer in front of you.

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The Hardest Thing About Hammerschlagen Is Scoring a Tree Stump

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